The fact that you are seeing this page means The Creator Blueprint is STILL available.

How this “Creator Blueprint” took me from a Broke-Depressed college student to traveling around the world

The past year and a half, many have found themselves stuck at home, without a job, and unable to travel or do business the way they’re used to

So as a filmmaker or photographer many have found themselves in a nightmare situation… 

  • Unable to Travel
  • ​Bored to death
  • ​Losing touch with their skills
  • ​And stuck in their business as they lose clients and money... 

It was basically A Travel Creator’s Nightmare.

But as the world opened back up, the number of opportunities out there are like never before. Companies and brands are DESPERATE for good quality content. 

In the past few months, fortunately, I’ve been able to travel to places like

And more recently Tulum for an in person Photo Video Workshops...

I'm not showing you all this to brag...

I show you this because it’s not just me who’s been doing it!

Creators like:

Jonah Levine, Nicole Mack, and Brian David have all decided to travel this past year.

They’ve quietly been able to tuck away a quick $4 -10k/ month while so many have virtually been on house arrest, suffering through Zoom meetings.

Because here’s the truth... 

Right now, Photography and Filmmaking is at an ALL-TIME HIGH.

The demand for someone with videography and photography skills has never been greater.

With the entire global workforce moving online…

This only makes the demand for someone like you even higher.

Not only that, the DESIRE to travel has never been greater because I’m sure you’re aware - when you take something away from someone they only want it even MORE.

Which is why I’m STOKED you’ve found yourself on this page before it’s been taken down because I’m about to let you in on a little secret… 

Can you keep a secret?

Awesome :)

You see, the problem with making a living money in 2021 as a filmmaker/photographer is that everyone is focused on the WRONG things…

Everyone who wants to make it as a content creator gets stuck doing work for free and focusing wayyyyy too much on the gear and “big picture” stuff. 

Don’t get me wrong..

Your gear is absolutely CRUCIAL to your success.

Without it you’ll be run down by business owners and have to work a 9-5 just to pay off for bills and rent... 

But what everyone seems to overstep is the actual skillset of filmmaking, photography, and Content Creation itself.

It’s the weirdest phenomenon which leads to why I’m telling you all this today…

The fact that you are able to see this page means you are one of the few who are STILL able to secure your spot inside the Creator Blueprint!

If you’ve considered joining Creator Academy  but never pulled the trigger, this is for you... 

If you’ve wanted to learn the fundamentals of creating content - so you can line up brand deals and travel wherever you want, this is for you…

The Creator Blueprint is going virtually "show you the ropes" 

So that you can finally understand the basics of creating content that people will happily pay you anywhere from $1-5k / project.

Module 1: Intro To Creator Blueprint ($97)

  • Our story and how do we start
  • ​​Why you should do what you love
  • ​Why the biggest brands in the world pay us to travel and create content
  • ​​How we built a lifestyle around creating content for brands on our own schedule

Module 2: All You Need To Start ($295)

  • What do you want to shoot
  • ​​Which camera and lenses should you buy?
  • ​Which computer should you buy
  • Icon: Change the icons in the settings

Module 3 : Workflow ($597)

  • Introduce to APERTURE, SHUTTER & ISO
  • ​​Settings Walkthrough
  • ​Using movement in your videos
  • ​​How to shoot time lapses
  • ​What drone should you buy?
  • ​​Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro Walkthrough
  • ​​Advance colour grading in Premier

Module 4 : The Art Of Perfecting It ($497)

  • How to find mentors
  • ​​Surrounding yourself with the right people
  • ​Who should you reach out to
  • ​How to get your foot in the door
  • ​How to get valuable info for free
  • ​​How to find your niche

So to recap, you’re getting...

- Raw Photos, Presets, LUT's, Templates, Media Kits + More ($399 Value)
- A super secret BONUS interview with MVMT ($175 value)

Total value: $1997

But because this is the first time we’ve ever launched anything like this…
You will not be paying anywhere near this amount. 

You'll be getting all this for just $47 dollars today...

And If you are reading this now, and you’re still on the fence - fear not because here’s your "Creator Academy Guarantee."

If you buy on this page and you’ve implemented everything we teach you but you still aren’t seeing the value in the course within 30 days of your purchase - I’ll give you a refund, no hassles no questions asked.

What other people are saying... 

Danny and Kevin's course was such a game-changer for me. I wanted to learn how to market myself, travel the world, and document it with a camera, and it only took about a month for me to see results, and I was able to book a month long trip to Bali. I am sooo thankful for them, and would do it all again in a heartbeat.

— Lexi Mars
I've learnt to build my website and media kit.. got a tons of brand deals out of it, I can't thank Danny and Kevin enough for this! 

— Austin
Before Creator Academy I wasn't really getting any brand deals or anything, but they taught me how to create an amazing media kit and helped me understand what brands are looking for, and how to reach out to them as well. I was able to pay for the course with brand deals alone in the first week. Can't recommend them enough.

— Sterling Galli
The course not only focusing on the photography but also the marketing and business side... I would 100% recommend this to anyone who is starting in photography or film... This course can really help people to achieve the next level of what they want.

— Akira
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